Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Raining!

Finally. First time, in at least a month, that it's actually raining out. Well, trying to anyways. I'm so happy ... makes for a miserable mess at the barn though.

I decided to fit in a quick ride this evening after work and Gus was fabulous. I opted to not lunge him and well, it actually went okay. Very pleased.

We warmed up at the walk, working on suppleness and flexion. To accomplish this, I did some SIs, LYs and serpentines - eventually this progressed to the trot. Gus was nicely forward - the suppleness was lacking but by the end of our ride  Gus was much better behaved.

Canter work was nice, simple 20m circles at the four major letters. Reverse and repeat the other direction. I'm debating about trying to get by tomorrow without lunging again ... not sure if I can eek out two rides in a row without lunging ... so, I guess we'll see.

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