Monday, October 8, 2012

I hate winter.

Okay. So maybe I'm getting a bit dramatic. I do despise winter but only because it's cold, wet and umm cold. Did I already mention that I hate the cold? Well, I do. And it's only October 8th and I'm already sick of this weather. According to the calendar, it's supposed to be fall. So, being fall, we're supposed to have cool night and mild days. Say 50-60 degree highs for the day. Definite NOT having that kinda of weather here in MN currently. I think it's actually drizzling/sleeting at the moment... we need the moisture, but we don't need the cold, least not yet.

On to the ponies. Well, Gringo still has been sorely neglected as of late. On Wednesday this week he's having his annual exam, finally. Then he'll be all set to move back to B's for the winter. Thank goodness he doesn't have any issues with multiple injections at one time ... poor guy. He's definitely going to be aching on Thursday, that's for sure.

Gus. Gus. Gus. Well, what can I say except the fact that he continually causes drama? Well, drama is probably a too strong of word. He isn't lame, at the moment, but he's definitely off. Funny thing is, he works out of it (which is good) but only when he's asked to sit back on his haunches and do a job trot. When we do a full-on dressage trot, he's off. So we still think he's dealing with some arthritis in his front legs (heck, maybe even higher up - like shoulder area?) but for the time being, he's comfortable working through the stiffness.

His new saddle pad(s) from Horze look amazing. I purchase two pads, one in chocolate and one in a smoky blue color. The blue one is absolutely stunning on ... and it fits just like my Joules pad, which is awesome because that's my favorite saddle pad ever.

Anyways, nothing else to report except that I hate this miserable weather.

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