Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Switch?

Well, I've got one boy back and the other is now hurting. Can't I ever get a break? Seriously?

Yesterday I went out to the barn after work and worked with Gus. Like really worked with Gus. On the lunge he was fabulous, a little snarky but nothing like he was the other day. Undersaddle, he was a really good boy.

I noticed when he was too forward at the trot we ended up with some head bobbles ... so, getting him to slow down and sit down on his haunches, the problems went away. We had some nice trot moments. I ended up making Gus do some SIs and LYs - those really did seem to help get those front end leg muscles moving ... so my plan on is to continue with the lateral work to try to strengthen and supple the ol' boy.

Gringo, Gringo, Gringo. I'm almost devastated to write this today. But he was incredibly off at the canter today.

Backing up a step ... today I went out to work with Gringo. Starting off, he was fabulous at the walk and trot. We even had our whoa today. I was ecstatic! I decided to ask for a canter on the lunge today. I haven't asked him to canter on the lunge in months because honestly, he can be a bit of a lunatic on the line - and not in the buck/fart/bolt method that Gus had down. No, Gringo pops out the outside shoulder and takes off. Fast.

So, today I asked for the canter and I'm not even sure what you would call it. He was cross-cantering and couldn't correct himself. Normally, if you break to a trot and ask again, most horses will eventually get it, but Gringo didn't. When he did eventually get the correct lead, he's literally fall with his hind end. Going to the right he even had a noticeable "bunny hop" quality to his canter. Not a good thing at all.

Naturally, this is really bothering me as he's moving to his new barn in a week and well, I was hoping he'd be sound and comfortable to go back to work. I guess I'm needing to rethink things - he's still moving but well, now we need to get the vet involved again. Uggh.

Uggh. Just makes me sick. Why can't I get a break? Honestly.

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