Friday, October 12, 2012


Seriously. I could scream, but it wouldn't solve anything. On to regular news, Gus is lame. Yep. You heard it from me first. He's off again.

Lame is probably a too strong of word to use, so hereforth I'll use the word "off" to describe him. As you may well remember, he's been off a lot lately but typically he'll work through his problems. Well on Wednesday evening, this wasn't to be the case. While Gus looked and seemed okay on the lunge line (specifically going to the left) it was evident the more he was worked (without side reins, mind you) that he was definitely struggling in the front.

Upon palpation, courtesy of B, we found the sore spot. I'm calling it the anterior deep pectoral muscle - though I'm not sure if that's the correct muscle or not. But basically it's the muscle that runs the length of the scapula and then meets the other muscle that runs down the front of the neck - the point of the shoulder/shoulder joint is where the issue lies. AND it's only on the left side that we have problems, as there is absolutely no reaction at all when you palpate the right side.

So, back to the drawing boards. Gus is receiving more R & R, plus a little bute on the side. I did ice his chest on Wednesday evening along with a nice little Sore No More liniment rub. He didn't appreciate either one, go figure. I'm hoping, when I'm out again on Sunday, that he's looking better and feeling better, too.

Gringo was a TROOPER on Wednesday. The vet was out to do his "spring" vaccines, abit six months after the fact. So he should now be all set for moving to the other barn here at the end of the month. We also had bloodwork drawn for his Coggins.

I've never seen Gringo so well behaved for a stranger. He didn't even flinch when she poked him. I was a very, very proud mama. He didn't necessarily care for the intranasal Strangles vaccine, but he was still a good sport.

I did end up deworming Gringo again as well, too. He didn't get dewormed when L was out to trim his hooves a few weeks back, so I went a head and dewormed him before the vet got there. I did a double dose of plain ol' Ivermectin. 

Unfortunately, his new cob-sized bridle does not currently fit, at least in the as-is condition. So, off to find some horse-sized cheek pieces and maybe a new noseband and we should be good to go then. I should post some photos ...

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