Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two for Two

Day 2 for Gringo was another one for the umm, record books? Haha. But in all actuality, he was a superstar again. I'm very proud of Mr. Gringo. We had no issues on the lunge today at all. And our halt is truly immobile. I'm very happy about that (the immobile halt, that is).

So, I was able to get another video of Gringo today. Here's the link, hopefully it works for everyone - it sure beats uploading again to YouTube. Gringo's video. We didn't get the correct canter leads consistently but we did eventually get them. So, I'm going to cancel his vet appointment for later this week. I don't think we'll be needing it.

Gus was a good boy again as well. And like yesterday, he started off so incredibly stiff - it was amazing that he was even able to walk. But doing the shoulder stretches (I think that's the term I'll use from now on) and the flexion circles, we were able to make some progress. I don't think we got the same throughness through the back like I had in my lesson, but Gus was definitely forward and working off his hindend. So progress was and is being made. Finally.

Tomorrow is a day off for both boys. I'll be back out to see both of them on Tuesday. If the arena isn't busy, I think I'll try to incorporate some cavalletti into Gringo's program ... and more mounting block work. Gus could benefit from the cavalletti work as well.

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